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1. 148

Going through I'm lost in the hollow eyes; And I was killed; This deadless smiles made room enough; For all of us; And so much more when; When a butterfly flaps its wings; In one part of the world; It...

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2. Dance Macabre

We live on the other side; We dancing throught the lights; We'll make up dead to night; You can see; You can feel; But all around is unreal; Dut I don't thhink so; Slept so long, shined too bright; Ne...

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3. My Millions Inside

Why do human beings like to impose; Their own opinions on other? I had still hope; You hold inside; In your warm and familiar form; So perfect lie; Your mind now awaking inside; You had to have it all...

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4. Reborn

In a place for everything; I find this all disgusting; Can you shut your mouth; Just back off and sit down now; Dead is dead and no reborn; But I just can't ignore wars; Even the optimistic one; Don't...

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5. Speed Of Light

How you are one of this bright lines; You cross the sky; Now we know what to do; With all this symbols and words; Now we're know how to resist; To all this fakers and freaks; Raise your face; We need ...

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