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1. Another Day In My Life

Another day in my life; Never seedling anything; It is always the same thing; And i have to fake to be everything so beautiful! Another day in mine; The things continue escaping from the control; I pr...

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2. Don't Say Goodbye

It would be so sad to say; As i wanted you to be here; It is not for that to leave; Leave your suitcase there where it is; Be calm and don't make anything without thinking; Close the door and fake tha...

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3. To Your Side

you don't still know; or fakes not to know; the reason for me to hide of you; we were so linked; that that did me; to notice as I loved you; on that night I leave for the streets; was storming; until ...

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4. Toy Soldier

they are already ready... I am ok! but who cares? toy soldier; in the hands of the power; no matter how much you don't think about war; the weapon is in your head; and peace is in your mouth; there em...

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