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1. A Joker

Move over; Ragdoll; You´re not funny; Shut up; You look fancy; I admit it; But your brains; They suck; I won´t listen to you; Get out of my sight; You are dead boring; Yeah, dead dead boring; Believe ...

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2. An Observation

My life is a constant battle; An observation by the ones I have left behind; He who got the power to see the spirit; Is the one who reads your epitaph; Evil spirit behind my back; Swampy days were mad...

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3. Awake

Full wooden jacket; A nice box of mine; What a life; So dead; I´m handsome; Too weird; Blood red; Am I dead? A short vision; From the past; I was really something; Toxic waste; I´m handsome; Too weird...

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4. Birthday

It is inside; Anxious to be born; Not much relief; Only one horn; I didn´t live yesterday; But I don´t live today; But I won´t live tomorrow; Soon it will be my turn; Thrill me, then kill; No mercy un...

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5. Bloody Mary And The Tooth Fairy

The royal freaks; Wearing long dresses; Slimy whips; In the spanking family; A leatherface lady; Bloody Mary; A brainless sadist; Tooth Fairy; He is nothing; She is the thing; The queen of evil; Who n...

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6. Dead By Dawn

Jackals lurke; Deep in my soul; My last; Living moments; Dead by dawn; The last waltz it shall be; Dead by dawn; Time has come for the former me; Ripping; Rotting; Slaying; My heart; Dead by dawn; The...

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7. Dealing With No One

That´s the way I want to live; Live this primitive life of mine; Fix myself a better drink; I got to survive somehow; Dealing with no one to live to fight; Another day I´m flying; I keep on searching ...

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8. Soulman

Smell the death wish in the air; Go on, sell `em salvation; You should see yourself now; `Cause you wouldn´t believe a mirror; Wherever you might go; Whatever you could do; How stupid can one be; We´l...

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9. Stand Up And Die

When the night comes down; I´m staring at my arteries; And with trembling hands; I obey; Lay my body asleep; And my demonic thoughts; As they take me; Down to Hell; I used to be all alone; With my .44...

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10. The Agitator

Who´s the man in my head; His breath smells of death; Angry eyes from the shadows; Watching me all the time; And I see the flames of night; Telling me that the time is right; Evil man with blood and g...

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