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1. Banned To Be

Come stay while; I´ll tell you ´bout the shadow sides of life; All changed that moment; The darkest night, The darkest dream I ever had in life; I can´t deny it; I saw this man; A figure that was buil...

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2. Chained

The sun in the sky is turning mercyless rounds; Shadows grow fast; (Why, why did we turn back time); Finally lay down your head close your eyes; When destiny call; (Then your candle will see the last ...

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3. Fading Starlight

Waiting for my execution in this halls; of stone and steel; End of hopeless persecution; My faith and my hope I´ll reveal; Living at the darkest abyss; but the stars are shining high; After I am gone ...

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4. Here I Am

Small and weak - I`m feeling since I left my home; Glory days--are grey because I am alone; The sun goes down - up my way so many miles; Way back home - is not easy to find, be my guide; Is the house ...

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5. Lost

In a land a million miles away; Dark clouds arrived from east one day; With them came lies and hate; It hurts me when I´m thinking back; And they showed no mercy only war; Brought pain and anger their...

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6. Nights In Paradise

Standing at the crossroads; at the point of no return; Which way of them´s my own; Who will lead me home; Unseen waves of stormy clouds; are driving out the light; The rain of tears came down; These f...

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7. Once A Time

Once a time, far away -; you lived a life of hope and dreams; Days were fast -; and soon things weren´t what they seemed; Left your house, your land -; all your dreams they died that day; Memories, de...

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8. Salvation

Back in myself, emotions surround me; Feelings passed this way; Absence of light, just the flame of my hope; In this brandnew form of yesterday; Absolved of your deeds, the abyss is far beyond; Sand o...

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