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1. Choir Of Failure

Take all the filth that remains; And make me new inside, make me new inside; The lions are hungry tonight; Hear my cry, hear my cry; I'm transfixed by your beauty; Your gaze upon me; Your lips whisper...

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2. Right Now (We'll Stand)

How can I face this monster? He's looking right through me again; Caught in the midst of the fire; Don't even try to pretend; That there's even; A single shred of hope left for me; This pathetic excus...

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3. The Remnant

Racing to your obsession; Trying to find some poison to numb your mind. There's no time to waste in reality; Grab what you can and run to your heartache. ; If I walk a thousand miles in your shoes, Wi...

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4. These Hands

Looking at the sun; For the last time as a free man, With cuffs around his hands, He walks through the lonely doors. Razor-wire army stand guard against escape, While the fences and the concrete; Clin...

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