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1. Absolute Scar

All is ended. In my body the traces of this trip are seen. In my eyes turn indelible images. With a mark of fire my mind has been; distorted. To be normal has not meaning anymore, the forest is my tru...

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2. Forest's Shadows

This is my new world, made of faint light, silences and mysteries, it seems to be lost in a; desert with marked and dark confinements. Filter strange lights accompained by strange; complaints, these b...

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3. Last Message (outro)

mmerso tra queste ombre, aspetto il vento della morte, che mi sommerga nell’eterna solitudine. Ombre abbandonate, depressione eterna.

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4. Season Of Desperation

And now melancholy... This storm of feelings; stunts me, I start to see the frist shines that; flod up me on the knees, the short but; intense pleasure swept by warm emotions, I’m deprive of my soul a...

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5. Way For The Infinite

From the deep obscurity a light of don’t return calls; To her every lost soul. the doors of eternal; Melancoly are opend; an embrace cover my pale body, That leavens above every terrestrial illusion. ...

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