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1. B-film

I can't pay today and I never will; I'm on the downside of the double bill; Here's where I am (no surprise); A Monogram guy with Bela Lugosi eyes; So why did you say "love" is an act of the will? to s...

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2. Being There

Being There; Moving days are coming; Like the traffic, full of broken worlds. Being there; is harder when you feel it, when your self is long deferred. ; And when you talk to me, don't talk through me...

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3. Fell Off My Name

Fell off my Name; The self that is wholly comprehended by civilization resolves itself in an element of the inhumanity which from the beginning has aspired to evade civilization. The primordial fear o...

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4. Geneva's Gone

Geneva's Gone; Geneva's gone, like forgotten songs; in a country sleeping warmly in the night. We believe Exxon, we play along; the water getting blacker as we fight; Geneva's gone, like a faded song;...

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5. North By North

North by north— lest we have to settle down; We can sail without the wind in this town; Things that London never saw; Northern winters start to thaw; To islands on the sea; Lands I've never seen; Thin...

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6. Polaroid Solution

I put on a disguise; And put out both your eyes; …you will not see me; …you will not see me. ; So put on infrared;; Turn the light off in your head; …you will not see me; …you will not see me. ; It's ...

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7. The Persuaded

He won't know Adorno; He's an adult with an adcult; You can buy your way into his head; He was never better; Wearing sneakers and a sweater; Made by 12-year-olds sweating in Shenzhen; He says, Let's d...

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