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1. A Quiet Time Of Desperation

A quiet time of desperation. Where everyone's under suspicion. We live in fear of people we don't even know. Walking the streets alone keeping to ourselves. Living in secrecy. Paranoid that everyone w...

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2. Blind To Blue Skies

I just don't understand how life could be that bad that you would give up on yourself and waste what little time we have. Your pseudo misery lies in your inability to just get out of bed and face the ...

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3. Dollars And Sense

Yet another lifeless week spent at the factory. They own you for ten hours a day. your sweat fuels their greed. punch in punch out - your life is worth more than you earn. to them you're just another ...

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4. Remainder Pt. 2

This song I sing is not for sale. These words i scream to you; are real. No one can ever buy our lives. This music will; survive. Remember when we didn't play their game. We never; worried about money...

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5. Scarecrow

A child beaten to death because he didn't fit into their mold of what's right and wrong. Ostracized because he chose to live free of lies. Ignorance took his life. Left out in the cold to die and we w...

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6. Shine

Broken and beaten down. Opinions test my tired mind. Your strength slows my pace. I've fallen prey to your ratrace. Crumbling under the weight of what you think I start to bend and break. I must swim ...

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7. The Emo Solution

Put the gun to your head. Now pull the trigger. Do you think if you were dead, that you'd feel better? I know of millions who would kill to fill your shoes. An endless list of names who know real pain...

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8. The Great Divide

Subtle lines of separation mapped out on paper-another useless boundary. Just another reason for more division. It seems we want more enemies. The things we had in common withered with time. Ideals th...

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9. The New Crusades

So self righteous. You think you're better than the common; folk. Place yourself on a pedestal. Turn your nose up at those; who oppose your straight line thinking. You make me sick, elitist. No tolera...

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10. To Rest

Take these thoughts away. I don't want to think today. Erase my memory. I beg free me from this pain. Cleanse this tired soul. This fight has grown old. Nowhere left to run. What's done is; done. Will...

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