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1. Can't Forget

Tell everyone your supposed to love her; More than your good old days; Tell everything she used to tell you; Was a completely kind of shame; Don´t you know i can be truth; Mother fuckers count on you;...

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2. Can't Wait

(CHORUS); I can’t wait for so long; For you here to sing my song; We’re the kids of our times; the new revolution minds; We’re the blacks; We’re the whites; Let the kids think we are right; Everyday w...

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3. I Like The Way You Do

Hey girl do your stuff; Cause I’m so tired of this fucks; Hey girl play with me cause I wanna see; How far this could be; Don’t count on me to say; You’re pretty nice today; Cause don’t see it anyway;...

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4. North To South

(INTRO); I saw some girls in my backyard; I saw my kids smokings cigars; I saw my life through your eyes; I met you young like a surprise; I let you go with me; To see the thing I will never see; To b...

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