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1. Hell Is Here

Invisible war; Demons in human for causing terror; Spilling blood; Humanity loves the war,is their desire; Look at all; Look at our extinction; Look at this crazy game; Look at the nightmare; This fig...

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2. Living In Reality

You; Corrupt pigs; False leaders; Sold souls; Your false morality; You deserves; An rejection; And pain. 'cause you will; Die; You have been manipulated; By you own lies; You are a puppet of your lies...

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3. R.i.p. (Religion Is a Plague)

The only way for humans to survive is if religion dies; Faith means making a virtue of "not thinking"; There will be always blood in the search for truth; But there's no truth, all you hear is fake; R...

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4. Source Of Madness

Welcome to our hell,here is your source; Demons in black suits deciding your future; Not the future,only a slow death; We are born to be slaves of pain; A flag; Of blood; In flames; You're tired of pr...

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5. Terror

Fighting for a blind faith; You think your god cares? A bath of ignorance; With his rotten blood; Living in darkness; Of a world in flames; In a snowball of the blood; This will never end; Violence is...

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6. War Between Selfish

War feeds the government; Weapon only leads to despair; Deaths are in my thoughts; His people die while you enjoy; Wanna to go to war? Go outside and see the killing! Do not destroy! His people employ...

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