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1. All You Have

I could teach you, but I won't preach to you; Take this lesson and turn it over; Cuz all you have is me; Listen to you, so undercover; Kill this spygame, your new lover; so all you have is me; I'm get...

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2. Already Dead

Is there something wrong with me; is this something new that I could improve (I could improve); is there some way that I could explain; what happens inside of my brain; did I bring this on to myself (...

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3. Bullets And Bombs

You fall asleep, cuz you can't compete; You're losing dreams cuz you're not complete; Step to the left and fall to the right; Fall to the right cuz you can't decide; Scream in the dark and turn on the...

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4. Compared To This

Stop; And breath the silence; that the night will bring; I'm falling into you; pay attention to my breathing; as it falls with yours; All of the nights that we've spent together; they never compare to...

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5. Down

I am just a stupid boy; Nothing but a little toy; You can toss me around; I will never frown; I’m yours, just yours; Pull my crank and I will come; I will go where ever go; This is me and I will follo...

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6. Erratic Behavior

I can take you out; I can take you round; I can break it, take it; smash it to the ground; I could make you stop; I could make you drop; I can take you home, Make you stop and think; If you think that...

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7. Fire Power

I'm not afraid of you; Or the things beneath my bed; I'm not hiding behind my fears; ; I'm not like them, I can breath fire; No, I'm not like them; I'll do things better. ; I'm not falling down; Down ...

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8. Interference

You better stop when I’m talking to you; Listen to what I have to say on the phone; Tired of always, always getting your dial-tone; Don’t wanna leave you no message, neh. ; I think so far outside of m...

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9. Jacketed

I feel like this is a waste of my time; I feel like this is going nowhere; I wish that you would just leave; I don’t want you around anyway; Don’t stay with me tonight (whoa tonight); or I'll fall to ...

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10. So Well

Isn't is splended, isn't it grand; We could have a house and we could have plans; We could build this room to house our little hopes; and move at the same pace as everybody else; I have never felt so ...

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11. Something More

Something More (I II III VI); Why must you constantly push my face into the ground? I'm only trying to be myself. You throw the ashes into my eyes, it stings and it burns. And all the while you'll lau...

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12. The End

I think I see... Is this the end? I saw it coming from afar; and I welcome it like a friend. I've lost faith and I've lost life; and I wish I could see it follow me until the end. ; I'll take a seat, ...

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13. The Lies On Your Face

I’m tired, I can’t sleep; The Morning sun is killing me. A death so grand, no-one’s there; To hear my screams, my screams; So blood curdling, it scars the ears; It brings to light, my greatest fears; ...

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14. The Motivation

When I wake up in the morning; I kinda move too slow; Try to stay in motion; But I don't know what to do; It's hard to find; The piece of mind; That makes move; Right through to you; And I was trying ...

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15. The Noose

Watching the moon, hanging from your doom; I’d like to know, where did you go? You’re head’s in a noose, hanging from a truce; Made so long ago, that you’ll never know; You’re feelings are loose, unto...

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16. Through To You

Outside the sun's getting hotter; Its getting hard to bear; Going through these emotions; Same thing everyday; i'd like to see you falling dead; its hard to see my friend; after all that we've been th...

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17. Where You Want Me

It’s not the way that I had; Imagined this inside my head; I’m sorry but, I can’t see past; I can’t see past, the shallow end; It’s hard to tell what keeps me here; And why I can’t just move along; I ...

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18. You've Got It All

Cities burning for a love affair; Open mind, empty bank account; If these are your streets, your streets are all dead to me; Someone dies on the internet; press delete then reset; If this is your peac...

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