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1. Arcania

It came like death from the horizon; Crushing us at sea; The tempest seemed like the strongest so far; The Sailor had ever seen; The wind became cold, the waves were like hills; As far as we could see...

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2. Contraub

Flawless deity of chasm; He who hates beyond hate; Diaphanous darker than black; Waiting to attack; Travelling still in a void of insanity; Dead persecutor; Aiming life with abnormal wrath; Faceless d...

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3. For Aeons To Come

The moon was full, the moon was still; The light shone over seas and hills; The wind was cold and brought the storm; In August first began; The crushing firedome; Ashes sent from the sun; Will mark th...

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4. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

Always looking for shelters; try to hide in the mist of the night; Exist beyond reasons, give up the authorities of time; Convoke in the name of God; born under the curse of inbreeding; They govern us...

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5. Illusions

Fallen thee once again in dreams of distant illusions; In the world I've once possessed; Still I contemplate the skies; On the beauty of night I see darkness and light as I walk; Towards the unknown; ...

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6. Locus Horrendus

Enter the spiral vortex into; A nightmare fiendish scene; At the isle of the lost shores; Of dark sand and twisted evil trees; Cthulhu awaits beneath furious seas; Lies dead but still dreaming of insa...

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7. Medieval Macabre

I am a ghoul; For years long forgotten; Inside the dungeon; Beneath the Onyx Fortress; Digging up corpses; Feeding on the rotten; Medieval Macabre; I am the ghoul; Lurking in the catacomb; My time to ...

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8. Metal Empire

Henceforth with hearts of steel; Across the valleys across fields; Calling for hell's core once again; it's time to show our rage; The overulers of this place; The dragon's standing tall again; We are...

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9. Nocturnal

Across dilacerated skies; Outcast from the chambers of doom; Rise; (Chorus); Along the wilderness; the cry of a long lost tomorrow; Reveals the core of souls; and find damnation to limbo for thee; Unh...

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10. Of Loss and Victory

Long I have waited for the shore; Through the mist and skies above; A distant feeble cry of war; A thought of hate in all on board; By the sons of Tyr; We ride with the seven lords of war; The battle ...

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11. Pantheons

Beyond the gate of the necropolis; The spectrum awaits to rise from the abyss; A thousand pillars remain there but unseen; The cold Hyperborea wrecks dreams; Waiting for the Titans' release; Watchers ...

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12. Riders Of The Icestorm

Riders of the Icestorm were heading towards; The north; But when the Karluk was pulled down below; The crew was lost in the heart of cold; Then the captain cried for it; And then the panic would begin...

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13. Running Blood

The holy sword of fire is burning through the lands; Wisards and witches - their torture never ends; Religious madness creates this hell on earth; The "Holy" inquisition is spreading its curse; Murder...

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14. Rusted Memories of a Hero

He's back from the time warp; The king of space and time; Directly from the future; To three thousand years behind; The commander of the twilight; Made of metal, earth and stone; Mankind will be saved...

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15. The Ghost Ship

Oceans are so never ending; Strong and deceiving, misterious; Lost ships, remain at bottom; Unknown or forgotten, forevermore; And when the ghost ship looms afar; Brought from the storm and from the f...

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16. The Masque Of Red Death

A plague has assaulted the prince's land; He locked it outside the castle gate; Only the wealthy were safe this way; As they began to worry about their fate; "I've seen them die, heard their cry; And ...

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17. Twilight Kingdom

Cold day beyond the hills; A big cluster on the fields; Celebrations running wild; And the king is drinking wine; In the castle no one sleeps; A rover falls on his knees; And he asks for a dime; But t...

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18. Ye Gate

Something cast from mistere; Something cast from the void; Oh mighty young one caught up alone; Observe the rite that's been done; I've seen the writings; I've seen the pilgrims sing (To the chant of ...

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