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1. Colours

There's a light; There's a flash; Through the trees; And it's bending; It's testing; The symmetry; And the ground; It is moving; It is grey; And you know you shouldn't look but you can't look away; Wh...

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2. Due North

I look around and all I see; Is plastic people behind paper trees; They're hiding; They try to make me stay in tow; Follow suit and give up hope; I'm climbing up the walls; Looking at the ground; Watc...

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3. Parachutes

How many people were raised in a junkyard? That's filled beyond filling and still we are crowding them; Please take this arm chair; Sit heavy on my chest; When I try and get up; Sit heavier still; You...

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4. The Burning & The Falling Down

There's a flaw in my design; A crack, a break, a guiding light; A chance to live again; In the here and now; And I will burn; \when there's no place to burn; And turn; When there's nowhere to turn; I'...

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5. You, Me & The Sound

What goes around; Comes back around, around, around; When the days goes down; Just follow the sound, the sound, the sound... ; You can't; You won't; You win; I don't know how you're standing still; Ju...

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