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1. Legacy Of Thine Delirium

Purposeless void awaiting a meaning, Filled with an expression of perception;; Relevant to nothing but thine self; Longing to find completion. ; Empty ignorant scourge; Blissfully unaware of its condi...

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2. Sojourn

Awakened by the chilling wind, Disorienting my fragile being. A lifetime has passed; Spent in blissful delirium; To which I wish to return. I have come to find; That the truth is bleak. ; My eye force...

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3. Staring At The Imprisoned

Lost, in your reality; Oh, psychotic memory; In love, with your melody; You scream at me so beautifully! Bliss... so beautifully! Child you have grown into a man; This miracle of life, has gifted me; ...

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