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1. Collide

I hope I never feel this way again; I never wanted to say hello to you; I was so happy just being by myself; I see you, we collide, I see you we collide; I wake up, don't want to, you're not here; You...

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2. Down In The Drain

(you, you, you do you know that bad girls go to hell?); Sitting in my room thinkin of you; Half bottle of gin for a heart cut in two; Black cat crossed my path today; Got the radio on, your fading awa...

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3. Flesh and Bones

Sitting in my corner, I'm not smiling anymore; Search for answers, staring at the wall; Don't even try to tame me, you're not part of any world; Looking through the eyes and notice; There's no window ...

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4. Gia

Kiss me she said; You're so dangerous; Don't pull away; Don't pull away; Kiss me she said that girl again; You're dangerous so hazardous to me; Yeah! the drama queen; The cat walk; You're so obscene y...

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5. My Static

The other day I snuck away; I paid my dues; Nothing to say because I'm on fire; I made my bed I made my choice; And now I'm dead no hope; For me cause I like to play with fire; I'll say one thing to y...

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6. Next Big Joyride

Hey! What can I say? Something's on my mind like every other day; Hey! You slow down, I can see you're headed for a breakdown; Go! Go! Take another pill and a real big swig to forget about me; Don't y...

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7. Nightliner

I don't think I'll recover; I don't think I'll return; You took my heart, broke it in two; Then made me watch it burn; I'm really on my own now; I feel so all alone; I get that sinking feeling; I won'...

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8. Red Blister

I said something; You took it the wrong way; I know this time; Its just another day; I push and shove; It all comes back to you; This time around I will not be the fool; This time this time well do it...

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