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1. Don't Look So Sad

Verse1:; You leave me; I never felt groovy; Morning I never got high; I alway sake of love music; But suddenly I give it a try; Oh something went wrong; Oh I feel awake; I gone with my boon; It´s not ...

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2. Glory And Fame

To hard to handle; To proud to cry; Two steps to heaven; It´s was a try; You climbed the mountain; You take the chance; Loose your direction with; I´ll tell them hands; Glory and Fame; Face with no na...

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3. Gute Gedanken

es gibt manchmal so tage; da hat man's wirklich schwer; die freundin weg gerannt und total abgebrannt; man fühlt sich voller kälte; das auto will nicht gehn; das ist für ein problem ja doch recht ange...

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4. Hold On

I love to dance all through the night; I like to dive into bright light; I like to wait for sun to rise; I like to den dark in your eyes; But there is one point what we agree; blindly; Hold on; Try to...

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5. Hold On Together

Verse1:; There are times you´re feeling lonely; you don´t no what to do; And there are times you have to shout; and just to get it through; Sometimes you crying so loud; Nothing seems do it right; And...

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6. I Don't Like

Verse1:; I was danced; on friday night at ten; an I jump; on a bounce on a day by there; It bursten to; I get crazy for you; I will to say; And that centre on my way; Corus:; Groovy, tell me, care for...

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7. I Follow You

All alone; I always try to realise; That you not by my side; All alone; All alone; Sometimes not memories rewind; You could have been so blind; Love is hard to find it; I close my eyes; And it is yous...

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8. I Just Want You

Verse1:; Stars are shining in the sky; I´m far from home; Teardrops in my eyes; I´m all alone; And use the Time had come for me; To run away; But each mile only makes me wanna see; Corus:; I just want...

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9. I Wanna Go Where Love Goes

Chorus:; I wanna go where love goes; I wanna feel it; have it always inside; I wanna know where my heart can follow; and I close to love; when I hold you tight; Verse1:; I feel like I´ve been lost for...

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10. Liebe Pur

Es ist 4 Uhr Nachts, hab Dich gerade nach Haus´ gebracht; Der Abend war heiß, doch kalt ist jetzt die Nacht; Es ging total leicht, mit uns beiden war´s gar nicht so schwer; Ich war ziemlich voll, ich ...

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11. Neverending Rainbow

Verse 1; Went along a lonely road; Teardrops in my eyes; If you would be now by my side; We will walked to paradise; Being alone, it can be so hard; But there is still this light; And when we apart; I...

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12. Schenk Mir Dein Herz

Verse 1; Wir kenn´n uns schon lang; Wir treffen uns dauernd; Und wie wir uns verstehen; Ws läuft immer besser; Doch was mir da fehlt; kannst du mir das nicht ansehen? Du schenkst mir ein Licht; Du sch...

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13. Small Town Girl

Verse1:; Your Daddy is called two numbers; Mami is on the run; She is called in my eyestones; Still waiting for the sun; Sixteen o four nineteen; Telefones with cry; Lifes excites on crossroads; And h...

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14. You Light Up My Life

Verse1; Run into the street take a round again; Never looking back; That´s not for me; Live cause all; And I´ve change my ways; I got no time, let me be; My word for word you told me back; To where I ...

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