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1. Head In The Clouds

Lady Love, where have you been? My whole life I've been waitin'... for ya; Waitin'... for ya; I can feel heaven has blessed me; Ooooh; Opened its gates and it sent me; Something so beautiful; And now ...

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2. Hello Hello

Hello, who's this?! This is who? This couldn't be you! (This couldn't be you?); What you mean, you want talk about us? Who's "us"? There's no me and you! (There's no me and you?); You shouldn't though...

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3. When You're With Me

I feel like I can touch the moon when you're with me; I got everything I need when you're with me; I get a rush in my soul when we get close; I never felt this way before, ooh...ooh; baby when you're ...

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