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1. 500 Thug Stronda

500 Thug Stronda (part. Mr. Keven) Familia Thug Stronda; Refrão(2x):; 500, o prédio do terror, sem caô. Gata vem fazer amor. ; Lá no 500 sempre estará lotado de mulheres belas, daquelas singelas que t...

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2. Fallout

And now it's on cause there's nothing left to talk about; you crossed the line, you can't fool yourself; Thought we were friends but i guess it was all a lie; yeah, so i don't need you; Time and again...

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3. Have Gun Will Travel

I have one mouth and words just for you; so shut up and listen cause this one's for you; never again will things be the same; I left my opinion of you in the trash where i found you; feels like i lost...

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4. Just Wait

The road looks narrow tonight, and my clock reads slow; Cause I've been drinkin now for three days straight, To shut things out, like your voice. And I've been holding on for, the years to bring a cha...

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5. See You Around

In certain light, you look like a ghost; from the downfall of something we never quite thought we could be; so i'll be here, just to let you know; that you should not believe me, cause i do not deserv...

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6. Shocker

Well it's been so hard living here since you've been gone; And when you left i never felt so empty; The change of season hasn't changed me so much, cause i still want to see you. ; I'm at the bar with...

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7. Speechless

Try to speak my mind, but I am speechless, what I've lost I've found, was maybe everything. Then this all comes back to you with him, But maybe I could say.. ; Woke up cold and by myself. That's my co...

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8. Stay In School

Please give up to us your guilty persons; for said conduct, regarding those with purpose; You promised me we'd never fall again, yet each time i fall, it's a fall i won't forget; So i layed back and s...

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9. Waiting For Red Lights

I turned around, and looked to see you say hello to someone else. And soon these thoughts flow constantly, of who you are and what we should be. I know that I'm only here to turn you on, to all the th...

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