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1. (I'm So) Empty

empty, i'm so empty.

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2. Atrophy Of The Soul

i pledge allegiance to the demise of this empire of delusion. and take with it your mind, murder and shackles of retribution. atrophy of the soul. convicts of a senseless order. we hold the keys in ou...

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3. Better To Die

living day by day. nothing gone my way. fuck your answers, i didn't ask. your the one with the past. better to die than live a fucking lie. tried a life, don't seem right. you're the one who wants to ...

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4. Brand Loyalty

Enlisting the ranks of of unskilled labor; Cheap to employ and easy to sever; As disposible as today; Give us your guys - we'll give you relief; Give us your minds - we'll give your belief; Loyalty ti...

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5. Brave New Warriors

ask me any question and i'll tell you any lie. lead me to the edge cause i'm ready to die. i'm a traitor to the human race. crawling on four. rising to the surface;

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6. Capital Murder

an eye for an eye. a life for a life. witness human sacrifice. die for their justice. die for their sins. die for the papers. die so they can live. process of hypocrisy. paragon of death's utility. mu...

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7. Christy Vanity

i have a prediction, history holds as the truth and the past seems to see things better than you do. as for an idea that i only borrowed. you're a straight line. too easy to follow. as for... as for.....

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8. Class Machine

need me, need me. i don't even care cause i can't live without someone always sleeping there. i don't wanna be middle class machinery. i don't wanna be a middle class machine. kill me, kill me. a minu...

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9. Controversy (world Of Shit)

Too many people to please; That won't amount to shit; And reasons for controversy; and reasons to avoid it; With nothing to offer; And nothing to teach; They'll be sure to give your the world to reach...

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10. Cosmetic

obsessed with the images of how your lives should be. you take the bait. wasting your time running from time. dreading the mirror's gaze. there's an agency hiding behind your worst fears and your work...

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11. Disfigured

you keep saying there's a better tomorrow. you can't see what we've become. disfigured and vacant. sons and daughters of a 20th century maelstrom. no one but ourselves to blame.

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12. Dragons Teeth

a social abscess with a plan. mania at my command. dragons teeth. avoid the light. avoid the day. darkness shows a true decay. my name is written in your blood, on foreheads of the rich and fed.

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13. Dropouts

abortions of society. we live our lives with dignity. hated we are. hated.

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14. Fables

look for a meaning to this fucking game, where there aren't any winners. how long will you play? get back in line. sifting through fables of our civilization. they say we belong here. how much will we...

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15. Final Bullet

blindness is stupidity. can't you see the fate. you caused yourself is blasphemy. repulsed nu being alone. can't stand yourself. cover your eyes there's no place to hid. no salvation. no reason for he...

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16. Food Not God

another day trampled under your feet. weeds of discord. we're your disease. a brick through your window so you know we care. just step outside, we're waiting out there. exile on market street. look ou...

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17. Forced Identity

life line draggin' me. can't be what i gotta be. forced identity/dismal possibilities. spin me round. shut my eyes. dress me in a dull disguise.

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18. From Here

To the blinded you're quite the vision; You're just a creation; You're just another version; Another way for them to; Use a front for a problem; Your pain and suffering is really just; Another slogan ...

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19. Here Lies Jessica

I can see - the beginning of the end; In your sad eyes - lies the doorway to revenge; Not really living - you can only hope; To find solace - at the end of a rope; Is this a dream - or reality? A pain...

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20. Hostage

fuck it all, don't wanna be free. i wanna break outta reality. humanity has given me a reason to despise a life of which i'm captive. i've seen with open eyes. and while we bang the bars inside the pr...

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21. I.H.G.I.

i reject your tired state. i will stab the hand of fate. abdicate from sanity. leave this world of misery.

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22. Idols

kill the king, the crown has fallen to the grip of callused hands. raise the flag. the faces change but not the plans. falling idols hit the ground. take a look around you cause there's nowhere else t...

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23. Lies

Use your voice; Open your eyes; Make the choice; See their lies; Country of hypocrites; World of lies; Country of hypocrites; World full of lies

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24. Light At The End

the place where you are, a place to begin. before you can say they're draggin' you in. light at the end. so you come from a place deep underground where it's dark and it's better the worse things are....

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25. Mother Of Suffer

We lay our childrens minds to waste; And begin with our own sanity; Avoid looking into our hearts; To ever think or really ever feel; Together saying what's been said; Bleeding every revolution; Forev...

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26. Never Live to See

You have a choice; You think it up to you; They're in your mind making choices for you; They tell you what you want to hear; Before there's time to see the truth; The truth behind their eyes; They'll ...

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27. No Chance For Change

There's a sickness on the street; So what'cha gonna do? It's the fascist army; The boys in blue; California police state; In time they'll re-fucking segregate; Nazi government; White-bred child; They ...

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28. Not This Time

Can't feel the pills no more; Put my arm through the fucking window; Brought it to the bone; Another day gone, another wasted; Let go of me... ; Gimme more rights to wrong; This sick joke has gone on ...

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29. Nothing Ever

we keep shouting, nothing ever changes. we keep fighting, nothing ever changes. we want war.

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30. Off Your Knees

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. that's what they're telling me. but i ain't ever goin' back there. back down on my fucking knees. time is running out. what have you got? they use you till you're wast...

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31. Out Of Reach

[1st Verse:]; Nothing in this world that Money won't buy. Nothing that can't be packaged. No one that can't be bribed. It's their job to steal your life and sell it back to you. And leave you with an ...

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32. Paid To Listen

A uniform a labor force; A transformation will take by storm; It's invading a transformation; That generates hatred; You want the lion's share; You're not the exception; You're pointing finger in ever...

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33. Pain Messiah

i am the wound. i am the flame. i am the slap, and yet the face. i am the hammer. the mirror that shatters. i am the blast. the child in tatters. i am the truth. i am the lies. i am the pain and the h...

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34. Party's Over

i don't believe in anarchy. i don't believe in democracy. i don't believe in communist. i don't believe in fascist. i walk the darkpath.

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35. Property Damage

bored and violent. what shit can we wreck today? you're standing in the way. don't tell me it's going to be okay. can't you see i don't care anyway. hear the sound of broken bottles in the street. see...

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36. Rise To Power

persecution in the maintenance of power. destroy what you can not devour. burn the witches. fear, the essence of lies. pride, scares your brainwashed mind.

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37. See Me Bleed

who could see how, you'd do this. blade through the flesh, to beat us. start with the wrist, and finish. who could see how? you don't give a fuck about me. cut off my hands now you can see me bleed. n...

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38. Sick

Empty laws we obey; Suffer through another day; Sick of the game

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39. Slave Labor

we are watching, we are waiting, we are gaining power. it was you who created us and now you need to die.

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40. Someone's Dream

you will live the way you're aimed and answer by a hidden name. plan a future, plan a home. ideas you thought we're all your own. living someone else's dream. your safe in knowing that you never had a...

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41. Spit At The Truth

my yellow press of immoral greed. to sell their lies you can't see. your life for sale. fuck their way. distorted truth sucks you in. the love of death at ones cost. spit at the truth. you can't read ...

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42. Still...

chaos, brutality, and pain. families slaughtered and children maimed. death for the sake of fame, or propaganda staged in vain. close your eyes but it won't go away. realize it's happening today. holl...

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43. Suburban Blight

they take the money, you take the lies. they take the money, you take the lies. developing new ways to sell us the same old shit.

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44. Survival

This is survival wearing you down; Stripping your mind killing your time; This is survival right to the end; Losing your grip you can't pretend; This is survival - staring you down; This is survival l...

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45. Sweating Blood

Pressures in life seems like work; Like a job that will only get worse; So we look back and never forward; It's all better once its over; So we'll search search the past for meaning; For moments to sp...

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46. The Iconoclast

Can't sleep - can't sleep at all; Counting the scratches and holes in the wall; With our feet - stuck in the mud; Beating the cottons of a promised land; Feeling worse that you look; Knowing one bulle...

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47. The Mind

Destruction is the name of the game; Set your sights on everything; Delusions - walls closing in; Cross the line and back again; Disorder - your life is a mess; Slash your arms to relieve the stress; ...

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48. Tomorrow Burns

out in the distance, in the cold dark night, i see a fire burning, growing bright. no tomorrow. burn it fucking down. when the cities of men come tumbling down the roaches and the lepers will spare th...

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49. Uniform

We are the dogs; Left out in the streets; By it all with havok to wreak; Alone we're together; Together we feed; Death to our master; We don't believe; We are the undesired; We are the unconspired; No...

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50. Vultures

corporate market rule! monetary steeple. crucified for power. profit over people. capitalist vultures circle a dying nation. drawn by scent of desperation. mass production. exploit the poor. life cons...

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51. Wake Up Screaming

Production of deadly chemical arms; Lusting for power, battle lines drawn; Troops in position battalions await; Sowing the seeds of our inpending fate; Ashes to ashes, bodies to burn; Censeless and en...

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52. We're All Dead Men

doomsday is now. deadmen walk the street. astonished to find the massacre is incomplete. we're all deadmen. doomsday is now. extermination lies in store. nothing to fear. embrace the pain and beg for ...

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53. White Collar Crime

by the ties that bind you in the eyes they lie to. all the lies that find you set on kill. choices cause confusion and make the sad illusion. you can decide when that's a lie. when you're six feet und...

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54. Who Pays, Who Profits?

We are the masses; Bury the classes; Who pays, who profits? you!

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55. Worth The Cost

fallen angel from the unknown. tell yourself lies to get home. detonate your fear of the last days. never a reason to change your ways. a need of redeeming what's lost. with dreams of blood and sloth....

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56. You Owe Me

where's my gun?

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57. Zeroed Out

zeroed out. count me out. fuck the left, fuck the right! we don't want your boring street creed. there's a real world outside.

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