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1. Fill In The Blanks

You are sick of everything, aren't you? You don't give a shit about anything about anything anymore! There are no fuckin' rules they made! Fill in the blanks of your life! Just come out and be stupid ...

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2. Interrogative Everyday

Is an ordinary life under the illusion? The future I dreamed of in the past is still a dream; The people killed in a fuckin' war are laughing somewhere; I... I don't think that every wish comes true, ...

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3. Kizuna

So many people in the streets, they are in a rush to live life; I've lived in this city, and it's slowly changed myself; Before I knew, something painted me out to be so black; I bluffed it out by bla...

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4. No War!

Nd we shout the words many times in this nation; Let's feel a never ending freedom under the clear blue sky and in the ocean; Let's wash away many sorrows with a heavy rain or a melting snow; Let's re...

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5. Song Of Warning

I kept searching for only one glory until the day of today has come; Don't look back, just go straight; Wanted to end my shitty life; I wanted to change myself cause I was stupid; Yeah right, I wanted...

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6. Start From Here

It all starts! Let's go!! This is not a Tv show! This is not a radio show!! Yeah!!!!! This is our only life! We're fed up with dreaming! Now finally comes the real thing! It all starts from here!!! Th...

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7. The Earth

The humans living asking more and more; We just don't realize, but the world is full of treasures; You find them in yourself; The humans are asking more and more; Don't realize, but the world is full ...

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