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1. Black Dog

{Le chien est le meilleur ami de l'homme}; Maniac creature with gigantic teething; Pay attention to that killing machine; Staring (at) me with eyes of hate; And growling like a truck engine; Appeared ...

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2. Chibulitude (Trained To Kill)

[backing vox : Feutse]; ["On entraine les jeunes soldats r tirer sur des hommes, mais leurs officiers ne les autorisent pas r ecrire MERDE sur leurs avions parce qe c'est obsccne."]; [Colonel Walter K...

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3. Conformism

["Deux routes s'offraient r moi, et lr j'ai suivi celle ou on n'allait pas... Et j'ai compris toue la difference."]; [Robert Frost (1874-1963)]; Obssessed by what they see on TV; Drugged up with the f...

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4. Epitaph Of A Greedy World

I hate this world where I was born; I loathe the knowledge pretention; The ethics and virtue mankind defends; The hypocrisy of human venture where; Altruism is pride on even when; Greed and selffishne...

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5. Insane

[backing vox : Poupou/Xela]; Insane... Insane... Kim Jon II; A population is starving; Families run away to escape death; Men, women, children... If they fail, they're burnt at the stake; A relative i...

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6. No sense

[backing vox : Feutse];

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7. People Never Change

You can't go out the real human nature; You can't fight against the primary instincts; Don't pretend the opposite ! You're not different; [solo mr 8]; So easy to destroy, too tiring to build; Making t...

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8. Smoke The H

Sensi; Dives me; Into; Love and wisdom; No escape from this brutal reality; I want to get so high; Away from this sick world; Away from this chaos; Smoke shroud(s) my body; It's arousing my senses; Ex...

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9. Stagnant Water Of Mind

Sleeping deep down behind your eyes; I'm the thing who mortifies the mind; Waking p a chaos you've never known; Saturate you with millions (of) insane thoughts; Listen to my voice; An immortal obsessi...

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10. State Of Violence

I don't support; This state of violence; I need to scream; Loud my convictions; I refuse it; Noise is my violence; I fight for peace; Words are my weapons; No solution; Kids play with with guns; No co...

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