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1. Almost Free

You were handed everything from the day you were born; You were lucky, can't you see; But your daddy turned around and he left you to drown; And find your own way in this sea; And now you can't go hom...

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2. Cry In The Rain

Baby's little secret started pushing me too far; Packed my bags and kissed her cheek and drove to where you are; Baby cry in the rain; Let the rain hide your pain; Honey I'm going back to where I came...

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3. Do It For Me

Everybody's got some story about you girl yeah; You say your head is in it; You say you're here to win it; I know you did it for him; But can you do it for me? I know you did it for him; But can you d...

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4. From Now On

I know there's times when it's hard to even see; How much I love you, and how much you mean to me; I get so wrapped up in myself that I turn into to someone else; Someone that doesn't deserve you; Fro...

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5. Good Morning Marilyn

Good morning Marilyn; Forget the lies they taught us to believe in; For you know that Marilyn; A town that would break us apart is worth leaving; When I've got you here with me; I forget the pressures...

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6. Juliet

Some people out there only want to do you more harm; You can bat your eyes love but you'll never get them to disarm; Shut them out don't listen to their sound at all; Juliet, come on; Juliet, come on;...

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7. No Reason To Cry

Train gets to my stop right as the sun drops; Climbing the stairs as the night holds it light over me; Weaving through the crowd, the street it gets so loud; But I've got my senses and I've got my gui...

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8. Queen Bee

I hear you're busy buzzing all over town, running rumors around; Think you're taking me down; I see the picture that you're trying to paint but honey you ain't no saint; So don't you do me that way; C...

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9. The Good Life

What ever happened? How could we let this get away? We were living the good life; But the good life's not so? Baby you're so cruel; To be playing by these rules; Oh honey hidin' all your money; You sa...

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10. The Perfect Break Up

So much lost and nothing to show for; All the time and all that you'd hoped for; Say what you want, leave if it's true; I'd rather be lonlier without you; And all the songs that you fell in love to; Y...

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11. The Things You've Never Done

Honey stay at the door cause I can't see you no more; The time we slowly wasted on this year; And I knew we were wrong to have waited so long; With all the things I wish I'd never said; In all of your...

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12. Waiting

I've been waiting such a long long time; Waiting just to see you inside your own skin; There's nothing I can do to stop myself from crying; I still can't sleep through the night; And I'm on my own for...

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