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1. Blood Motive

Unlimited cadavers, join the alive, retaining their old bodies; Craving for blood, tenfold population, the dead run ring around; Uncountable mutilations form the perfect gore in the world of the dead;...

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2. Child Molesting

Grind all minor life, spoil these spotless souls; Bent on your knees, enjoy the grandeur of loss; Feel the chains of occupancy, you're votary to your God; Fucking this impudent puberty, child molestin...

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3. Devourment Syndrome

Suffering insomnia, sleepless by nightmares; Beaten by unknown disease, flesh departs the flesh; Licking fresh wounds, feel the agony's bite; In my devourment syndrome; Satisfaction in perversion, fed...

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4. Ecstasy In Pain

Hang the bitch, very tight; So tight that she can't scream; Pull out the knife and do the work; The one that you adore; Praise right now your inner beast; Kill her with your way; Stick your knife in h...

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5. Entangled In Liquid Flesh

Innards exposed, the project failed; Surrounded by stiffs; Connected for so much time in this chair; System default, drowning in my own blood; No part is allowed to waste just life; Innards exposed, t...

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6. Homovore

Pleasure demands pain; I'll divide you, I'll conquer you; The depths of essential senses; Hospitality of a broken neck; Anal domination, a broken neck; Privitism, a broken neck; I'll writhe this open ...

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7. Sepsism By Stabwounds

Dislocate your thread of life; Abolishing all penitences of mercy; I discovered loftiness of mankind; Impecilidy is felony; Your vertebras are my favourite game; Your head is adorned with maggots; Fir...

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8. Suffer Phobic Shrouds

Part of the feast, exoselves; Synthetics, plastic against blood; Part of the feast, enthrone you; Bloodcrowned, fucking brutality; I'm drawing with chainsaws on you; Memorable body, now a body bag; In...

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9. Twisted Perversion

A woman to torture, A fucking whore; To fulfill your pervert obsessions; You need her fast; A grinding orifice, drives you mad. Sink your teeth, into her cunt. ; The smell of blood and cum mixed up; M...

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