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1. Automata In Excelsis

From mires of chaos rose the bastard spawn of brutality; A clarion call of Man to advent: reason; With primal industries, siring destiny; Echoes thunder through his hollowing heart; Eden: garden of ge...

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2. Creature Of Unconscious Design

Murder-suicide drags the day low; Conscience contorted, invokes the butcher, blow by blow; Brought to its knees amidst the venom of its peers; Gestation: genocide, their trophy was its tears; Martyria...

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3. Inter Arma Silent Leges

Lured from the lights of the home fire; Conditioned to the serpents elect; Exterior to the empire; Borne with the mantra: to free and protect; Arming the chamber, incense your rapture, your recoil; Ha...

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4. Irrepressible Earth

Scabrous, you drink of my lesions; Broken miles manifest effulgent ruin; Ravager (ravager), raping the seasons; Drawn to praetorian doom; Synthetic subjugation; Emissaries of erosion; Machines, slavin...

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5. Methedrine Angel

Serrated heart; Serrated, hard luck princess; Epitome of self-doubt; Astringent words to slice us ripe; Our flesh as canvas; Our blood as paint; You found your high in pain; Self-centric, sweet disdai...

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6. Mock Samaritan

Forking tongue; Stabs from shadowed mouth; Suburban snare; The s-innuendo elite; Ride your carrion; Ride your carrion comforts; Maggot: extorting the soul; Consuming the corpse of chastity; Deceiver, ...

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7. Necroletariat

No face, mother, father, daughter; No future, brother sister son; Processed, assimilated, undone; Enslaved by the Word and enamored to the Gun; Heathens, willing, we swallow their surgery; Content to ...

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8. Patron Saint Of Chainsaws

Forsaken, my will; Swollen devil: passion conceived through pain; This jubilant, festering heart; Beats with the blood of the broken; Embrace; The inverse of heaven; The blood, the life, become the kn...

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9. The Grace Defile

Ascend...beholden of a sham sun; In mockery of steel; Revelation, revulsion; speak the worming wary; Burial-slow, crawling; Bury me something alive; Masquerade manifest, mimic unbound; ...

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10. Trafficking Apathy

Bred to supremacy; Behind blind doors of nescience; Supra-social construct; Harvesting indulgence; Covetous raptor; Of limitless acquisition; Slaking the layman blood; From its perch of perdition; Lia...

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