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1. Born From Devastation

In the dark descend; in the dark I am the sin; in the dark I live; in the dark I come in pain; in the light the blade; in the light won't see the gates; in the light I kill; in the light you should no...

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2. Hopeless Death, Eternal Agony

Thousands of souls; are crowding into the abyss; thousands of gouls; have sentenced human's punishment; You've come in eternal agony; you've crawl in the seas of pain; no scream for your gash is spoke...

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3. Immortal Killing

Impale victims laughing; summon before die; soul who make me live; through the mist of time; Public orgies licit; made in my land; feeding my blood thirst; by the sins of men; Bastard sons of my name;...

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4. On The Altar Of Pain (athenarum Pestis)

Anyone languished, in the bottom of huts; misery and evil, preys of death; reign of morbid, reign of sorrow; end of salvation, vacuity of faith; Altar of pain...blasphemy saves...temple for blood...fu...

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5. Rot In Pain

Maggots in your flesh digging your brain; venom under skin screams your sorrow; your eyes are bleeding from black veins; sadistic minds are teaking your flesh; Sermon's over close fuckin' eyes; souls ...

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