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1. Black XIII

Call forth the wizard; My patience has run low; You've failed me once more, bastard demon; With your alchemy and crows; Summon the black; Black thirteen; Crafted by the King; Summon the black; Black t...

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2. Crawling Chaos

Essence from the burning bowl, opium; Infinity declines, face the truth; Echoes from a distant time, takes its toll; Waiting impending doom, hear its call; Gaze upon the tearing waves, crumbling earth...

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3. Destroy

Inhaling the stench of burning infants; Ashy remains filling our lungs; We've come to destroy; Sacrifice; On cold dead nights; Reign; When the stars align; Hearing the cry of defiled mothers; Forcing ...

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4. Entombed With The Pharaohs

Beyond the nile; Collapsing sun is seen by all; The sacred eye bleeds from its throne; To be entombed with the pharaohs; Entombed; Darkness, eternal master conquers man; The curse is plagued upon the ...

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5. Khronos (forever In The Void)

As the light begins to fade; I speak your name; Khronos hear my call; Banished in the dark; There isn't any time; Forever in the void; Forever

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6. Kneel Before The Steel

Stand your ground; Fear the mighty ones; You must obey; Hurricane of piercing death; Maelstrom eats terrain; Avalanching firestorm; Titans here to reign; Screaming metal; Molten blood; Kneel before th...

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7. Left To Die In The Paradox Of Time

Darkness creeps in slowly; Humanity is lost; Time is ripped to shreds; Unrelenting horrors; Senses hurled and tossed; Hanging by a thread; Careening through the vortex; Your mind is torn apart; A univ...

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8. Onward To Battle

For honor and pride; We will fight through frostbitten lands; Through frozen kingdoms we ride; On fields of battle and rivers of blood; Hear our cry; Onward we ride; In this place where its existence;...

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9. The Gathering

Facing the sky as it's falling; Of hope and life we are deprived; Broken shards crushed by the mauling; Fall of time, gathering of the five; Time is now ours; We have arrived. . . Exploiting the plana...

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10. Triumph By Fire

Journey far through blizzard realms; Traversing grinding ice; On mighty sail take flight forth; To fight against frost blight; Thus human might; Shall be renewed and virtue; Reign supreme; Bear to all...

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11. Valor and Might

Above an endless sea; Of swords and shields; Echo the winds of war; As battles spawn, empires fall; Tyrants destroy the land; Set ablaze, Our city burns in ruin; Advance toward the land; We once calle...

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12. Wrath Of Vengeance

Death comes bearing witness; My final breaths abandon me; My soul incinerated; Sucked into the realms of hellpyre; Demons of the underworld; Prepare my soul for glorious slaughter; Let my face be seen...

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