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1. Almost

She doesn't even care; She laughs at me all day; I wanna hold her had; And all she has to say; Is there anything you want; Is there anything you'll need; Do you feel it like i do; Cause it's deep insi...

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2. Better Get Up

Better get up and face my day; Could have been a little warmer; Yeah, you said it'd be okay; If i could stay a little longer; And i don't know how i can leave you; I just want to stay; But i gotta get...

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3. Cigarette Kiss

You're everything I, I try to resist. With wide open eyes, I swore I would miss. If this is the way the way it all ends. With a smile on my face and my heart on my sleeve. Hey I'm just myself when I j...

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4. Communication

Why don't you say it to my face; What's your deal with me anyway; I like it when you say my name; I like it, say it to me say it once again; And i won't go away, yeah; You're too cool to say it; When ...

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5. Fly Far Away

She thought she could fly with a 5 year old heart. She closed her eyes, jumped and broke her arm that day. Never really cared about the guys that much. Never really known if she was ever loved she sai...

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6. I Like You

Don't you want me; Don't you need me; Don't you wanna be my friend; And i won't hate you if you kiss me; And i won't sing a love song to you; You would never want that; And i won't say how much i like...

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7. In The Middle

Listen you, this ain't me; I don't know how i got caught; In the middle, in the middle; And i smoke, yeah i drink, And i don't know what it means; But hey, i'm trying yeah i'm trying; Maybe if i had m...

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8. In Your Bedroom

Wait a minute now; Didn't i say; I want you closer; You would never be; I'm so excited; You know i just can't sleep; In your bedroom; Because i want to be with you; But you don't want me to; God i'd w...

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9. Lost On Earth

I feel inside out, turned around. I haven't been myself these days. And I can be so wrong, or so right on. Just depending on the day. And it's a long way home. Don't you thing you ought to stay? Cuz i...

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10. Marry Me

I don't wanna be a housewife; Don't wanna do your laundry; And i don't want to see your face; When you've been onery; But it could be so special; It would be like magic; We could be together; I would ...

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11. Mind Over You

And maybe, yeah someday; I'll put a smile back on my face; Then i won't have to take it anymore; But this time, i'll be fine; I won't ever let it cross my mind; And maybe find the nerve to stay; And i...

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12. Monday

I took the long way and drove by your house; I know that you are away; I wrote you a note, but I crumble it up; I don't know what I would say; I'll see you on monday; I'll see you at school; and I"ll ...

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13. Never Again

And i felt a little queasy; Yeah i felt a little sick; And i thought that it would be easy; To forgive and forget; Never again; I was looking for beginnings; Yeah i finally hit an end; Head first into...

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14. Okay

Used to think that i'd be something; Used to think that i'd be someone; Now that i care, now that i care; Looking thru the window; As my face goes numb; It's a wonder i stay alive; It's a wonder i ope...

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15. Pieces

I watch you. I see you fall down on your face again. And you just lay there. It's all the same, It's all the same. But you're scaring me. I can barely see. Stop scaring me to pieces. And I can't live ...

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16. Short Ride Down

I could be the president. I could be another liar. I could be a winner or a race car driver. I would be your wonder woman, I would be your superman. I could be the one if we could just go higher. Anyt...

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17. Something To Do

give me something to sing about; not every thing you need; hey we can work it out; just you wait and see; but I don't really need this, no way; and I don't really want this anyway; I just wanna be; dr...

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18. What Gives

Say I'm alright. Everything is cool and okay. So turn out the light. Watch my world slowly slip away. With everything I try so hard, and this is what I get. So what gives? Yeah What Gives; Oh I've bee...

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