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1. Art Of Success

The blanket of the world; It covers me like a cloud; Its taken everything; And now its dark and cold; My dreams of ecstasy; Crumble on the ground; Screams they fall asleep; But never make a sound; My ...

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2. Friction

You cant remember yesterday; Your memory is fading; These arguments go nowhere fast; As we sit here waiting for; Someone to bend, someone to crack; Someone to break the silence; Your turn to speak, yo...

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3. Line Drawn

When it rains, it pours, it storms; You find a way to carry on and on and on; Is what you are; Everyday is just the same; You trudge through life; Your path, your bane; When every obstacles your frien...

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4. Torn Away

Its your deepest darkest fear; Cigarettes will burn; Your anthem for a year; Your time priceless; Is no more; Fate decided, guilt is worn, and lives are torn away; Seems like its been a million years;...

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