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1. Aurora

Aurora; Lay down here in the darkness though my eyes bleed in; fear; Knowledge gone in hope's weakness, for I know I'll die; alone; I am afraid to taste my flesh, a cold breath in hand; for little hop...

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2. Devil's Footprints

Devil's Footprints; You said in your heart you would raise your throne; Ascend into heaven above the stars of God; Your heart anguished for the utmost heights; To rise above the clouds to be the most ...

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3. Edom

Edom; Lord is angry at the nations;; His wrath will come upon their armies; Mountains shall dew in blood; Stars of heaven dissolved; The sky rolled up like a scroll; The starry hosts shall fall; The s...

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4. Ignorance Of The Lost

Ignorance of the Lost; A seed of breath sown amongst the weeds; Though thy faith is here the mind still bleeds; For their hearts will scorn for lust; But the world grows over a child that was; Darknes...

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5. Purification

Purification; Disruption of the flesh; Save the manifestation? But kill the spirit; To purify? Hold onto bitterness to justify hate inside; No answer of the pain; Ignorance to sooth; What place do we ...

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