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1. Aeons Of Sadness

Inside of you a million dying stars; Shatters of your soul; Inside of me a thousand broken lives; Bounded by one sorrow; Memory may fade; But the promise will stay; I'm in love with my agony; And this...

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2. Just Tired (Outro)

I hear your quiet song; The voice so beautiful and luring; You are here to save me; From the bitter truth I know now; The darkest moment; The moment that is meant for everyone; Could I ever hope for i...

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3. Neverday

All hopes are shattered on the floor; I voluntarily close; The open door of my own cage; Oh, I have gone astray; My aching mind is lost in yesterday; Don't look back, bridges burn; There's no return; ...

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4. Scream Of Silence

Come to me once in my sleep; And free me from; The never-ending silent scream; Everywhere, I see you everywhere; Now that you're gone, the silence stays; Why did you leave me with; This killing silenc...

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5. Soulglass

Sing the swan song of honour; I'll stay no one in my sweet misery; And you will not ever feel the sorrow; As standing at my grave; With the smile of a deceiver; Once I felt so much love of yours; And ...

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6. Spring Covered With Snow

I watch the passing years; Summer dew and autumn clouds; Still restless heart can't share that peace; The noble giants rise aside; Their ancient wisdom joins the skies; But when I close the eyes; I ru...

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7. The Memories Of a Broken Man

Night falls and they come to me; Ghosts from the days I won't forget; I can hear them crawling near; Upon my walls, upon my bed; Faces and names; Rise from the haze; Turn every breath to shame; Darkne...

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