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1. A Girl Called Bitch

A Girl Called Bitch; ; Don´t tell me your name; it doesn´t matter if you´re black or white; don´t say that i´m evil; i´m the dream of your hottest night; name me your favours; touch my skin right now;...

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2. Angels Only! - Beyond

Angels Only! - Beyond; ; Back from my walk on the clouds; grey lights settle down with the sunset; fill the city´s skyline with dust; just remember yesterday; when sparkling colours lit our lives; wha...

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3. Back On Earth

Back On Earth; ; Visual, invincible collapsing systems; something is out there hidden in darkness; Light emits refrections reflection on broken glass; revealing hate; amazing being disembodied creatur...

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4. Causing Riots

The sounds of decadence high in the sky; An ancient and terrific fantastic lie; Can´t you feel the cold gaze watching you; They´re watching you; A surveillance for the masses; Now you´re in their lime...

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5. Caution Anti Master

Caution Anti Master; ; Impression endless time; Divides two tribes in space; Vanishing frontline; On the edge of our dreams; Impressions within time; Lonely souls like stars they shine; Impressions wi...

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6. Colours Out Of Space

Colours Out Of Space; ; Violent chromatics; unknown spectral colours; take their rise from nowhere; objects with strange tints; of mysterious origin; emitting sparks; glowing lightning; deep down belo...

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7. Do Dreams Bleed?

Do Dreams Bleed? ; The first time it hurt so bad; left alone I´m feeling sad; remembering the words you said; empty words which make me mad; memories which come to mind; and I see that I was too blind...

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8. Forever?!

Forever?! ; I want to let you know; I felt so much for you; I want to tell you; That I enjoyed us, too; For the last time I want to love you; For the last time I want to taste you; For a meanwhile I w...

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9. From Above Comes Sleep

From Above Comes Sleep; ; Transmitted dreams of alien architecture; non-human relicts; Technologies invented by other species; solid constructions; Transmitted illusions of spaceports; unexplored terr...

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10. In The Army Now

A vacation in a foreign land; Uncle Sam does the best he can; You're in the army now; Oh, oh, you're in the army now; Now you remember what the draftsman said; Nothing to do all day but stay in bed; Y...

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11. Inside Out

Inside Out; ; Have you ever heard about me ? Something about my life. Have you ever had the chance to feel ? Have you noticed what I said ? Talk to me, I’m feeling bad; Tell me if I’m right ! You know...

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12. Rainbow Vs. Stars

Rainbow Vs. Stars; ; Do you remember our last trip to mars? When we just stared at a shimmering sky; And we got crushed by millions of sparkling stars; It was no fake, no illusion; No hidden trap; For...

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13. Silvertears

Silvertears; ; empty streets left alone; waterdrops falling down; a grey and empty sky washes all your tears away; see the stars hiding away; from this vicious circle of drugs; for life you are the lo...

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14. Style

Style; ; Gimme one good reason now; Why I should hate your style; The way you talk; The way you stalk; Hating you ain´t easy for me now; Tell me ´bout your wicked games; Why I should play with you; Th...

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15. The Concrete Garden

Extended memories passing by; Movies of ancient times; Long ago; Not more than phantoms of the past; Lurking in the distance; Distorted visions clearing up; Growing and fading; Poorly defined pictures...

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16. Transparent Frequencies

Transparent Frequencies; ; For days, for nights; dark skies secret lights; For days, for nights; dried tears lost paradiese; All what i´ve heared; low noise no word; All what i miss; is just an angel´...

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17. Virtual State

Diving into intense obsessions; secret pains desires; asymmetrical movements; pictures shining bright; corroding in virtual madness; similar impressions; designed by hallucinations; reality fades dimi...

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18. Wired / Connected

Wired / Connected; ; Fascination shines from her face; A visionful sight within; Anger of fools in disgrace; Seeking out for an eternal sin; Feel there is war in all beauty; You try to convince your e...

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