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1. Chemical Burns

Heaven breaks beneath the harm; As tiny speakers crackle out your labored song; Stretch your life to take it in; There's no need to lie, we both know you'll be going; Feels like I'm out there; The fra...

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2. Outlaw

Represent your country, man; Ignore the blood on your hands; The model American; Toby Keith won't you think for a while; It's hard and I know it's not your style; But you are all that you revile; Hey ...

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3. Signs Of Life

Come on out; Come on out in this light; Satellites can't see what's inside; Unlock the door; it won't save you anymore; Governments can't fight what's inside; Show some signs of life; Come on down; Co...

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4. Simple Lessons In Love

Inside these fits of amorous exuberance; Lies the brutality of words; The thoughts are fine; But the truth makes you a liar; So theres just one thing Ill require; Let go of the runaway sentimentality;...

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