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1. Boots

Walking through; no one will see us; our coats and shrouds; someone will notice; call him; have him; meet us out front; the car is coming; getting away with murder; away with murder; sound the alarm; ...

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2. Fix The Problem

Love is a precious word; that's sometimes overused; And as I find you at your worst; I refuse to give up on you; You let your pride get the best of you; This life seems so simple, simple and plain; Bu...

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3. I'm Down With Progress

When I wake up; from a night of dreams; I want to see you lying next to me; With everything inside of me; I want to show the man that I can be; When the opportunity; arrives; in the morning when I awa...

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4. In The Heat Of The Night

It starts innocently; a walk late at night; he moves in closely; You wont be prepared for the worst; Just look; Just look straight forward; denial; is setting in; gaining attention; hes got you; under...

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5. Massachusettes

This town; this town feels much better; without your weight; my thoughts are much better; without you around; without you around; remember what went wrong; because you'll need the push; remember what ...

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6. Vampire

Wake up early; it starts today; you know you act surprised; we will hold back; we'll hold it in; we'll hold it all inside; for the right time; we will; keep this going; no rest; sleep is for the wicke...

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