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1. Black Eye For Prom Queen

Introducing the wicked shit, motherfucker! Come on! There’s no closet large enough; To hide all our skeletons; There’s no closet large enough to hide... ; This is in remembrance of; The ones that we n...

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2. Fighting Trees!

Help! this room passes way too fast; Let me of this ride now! The city light is so appealing; I see it clearly now; This hurts me more than you; The city light is just so appealing; This will hurt me ...

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3. Vanity

So long... Obliterate the old me. A rebirth through this silver surface... Make flight, make haste for the sunset. Maybe if I'm far enough away; I will look shapeless to you... ; (Let's Go!); I keep a...

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4. Versus Thyself

Can someone please take me out!? I dance in the ashes before me; Watching the silent burning skylines; My hand feels heavy; And as I reach for yours; I sense the chill of november ending; And stutter ...

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