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1. Chanting

"I speak words of hatred"; designed my masters revenge; assigned to gods creation; affix the evil blessing; crucifix avoids your salvation; assertion of intense pain; desertion of christian promise; c...

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2. From The Ashes (She Rises)

born from fire; angel of darkness arises; creation of desire; heart of blackness sears; opposes holy father; daughter of satan; temptress of thee; come and take me; such beauty indeed; my evil queen; ...

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3. Gravesite Rites

welcome to our gathering; once you enter you're eternal; come to the tombstone acre; your soul shall be his; we love you but tonite you die; you have been chosen; as the sacrificial victim; in our gra...

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4. Hellfires Touch

whore of lust; sacred child mistress of sin; arouse your ambitions; for tonite your real life begins; enticed by nocturnal skies; the moon calls you out this eve; chosen your cold tombstone; lay out n...

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5. In Praying Sorrow

I remember your words; to go forth and be strong; I forgotten their lies; and the walls between you and them; maybe the sky you'll ride; or the ocean you'll drift; but I know you will; ride the winds ...

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6. Intro

Shortcut to Everdark Lyrics; Everdark - Chanting Lyrics; Everdark - From The Ashes (She Rises) Lyrics; Everdark - Gravesite Rites Lyrics; Everdark - Hellfires Touch Lyrics; Everdark - In Praying Sorro...

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7. The Autumn Burning

the dying season is upon you; first born giveth unto death; like tree leaves descending; your falling soul wanders downward; I congregate within the blackness; and hear my master on the wind; he speak...

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8. The Coming Of Legion

scornful desire; implant the seed; glorious presence; creates the deed; victim of heaven; you're not so almighty; captive of your weakness; no hope for survival!!! reap what you sow; death is all you ...

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