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1. Coming Down

misguided perceptions of my intellections; afraid to start all over again; construed conceptions and wrong directions; i cant start all over again; its all coming down and everything that i cannot be;...

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2. Daylight Savings Time

theres gotta be so much more to living than this; cause i cant take the way he smiles; while those tears are in your eyes; its bringing me down; now i know that your heart will always bear these scars...

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3. Fading Into Bright

another bitter sun shines; wishing to set the whole time; its always down; in my mind; so bye i end this night; another burning light; fading into bright; and so when does this day end; words from ano...

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4. Invisible

i'm tired; of acting; in this room of me; i'm tired; of straining for what i cannot be; dont remember siging the deal; no pen in my hand; and not quite is what you told me; over again in my mind; and ...

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5. Last Train

last train now boarding for new york; last chance that i will call you mine; and if we're ever under the same stars; will you still wish on mine? memories from a time when i was not alone; a place whe...

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6. Left Behind

so im the fool again; beause i wait for you; because im still; waiting for you; and it will be half past forever; until my heart is full again; and my mind is clear again; and my arms are warm again; ...

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7. Liars Incorporated (I'm Sorry)

so thats the kind of guy you are; promise me the world and stars; and believing all your lies; my heart couldnt use my mind; and im sorry; im sorry that i help your hand too tight; and im sorry; im so...

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8. Mistakes Made Lessons Learned

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9. Never Ending Day

trust in me; and then you'll see; trust in this misery; trust in me; but then i'll flee; trust in these memories; why do i feel this way; never thought id want to stay; and this never ending day; has ...

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10. Next Door

well you look at me; like i'm just one of the guys; and i'm glad you feel so comfortable; but that's not what is in my mind; and i'm just the girl next door; but with you i wanted more; this is what i...

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11. November Regrets

just because i said goodbye; didnt mean that i wanted you to walk away; and now without a reason why; i awake and find another day; my heart is bleeding in your hands; i hope it stains in your mind; a...

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12. See You Break

dont wanna see your tears; as if anything from you; could justify my wasted years; and you, you look at me with eyes so fake; and i, i just wanna see you break; dont wanna hear your lies; because ever...

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13. Six Feet Away

wash my hands and i hope to die; those nights of endless tears; your apathy and self control; were the answer to my fears; that i cant do this anymore; i cant go on; i cant keep hating myself; and i c...

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14. This Rain

looking out this window; i'm leaning on its paine again; i hear your conversations; and outside my hard rain begins; flooding my heart with your dislocation; im drowning in my de-ja-vu; and even if th...

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