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1. Alchimia

Into his secret lab; Boil mysterious potions; And shine with emerald light; Miraculous concoctions; Future is not so dark; Prophecies are spoken; Your crystal bottle reveals; The revolution's coming; ...

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2. Azzurrina

Poor girl she was damned; They feared her snow-white hair; "she is a witch!" they said; They wanted to burn her one day; Mother to save baby dyed her hair with black; But they came light blue; At mids...

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3. Days Of The Blackbird

January covered the river; With an icy dress made of silver; Wedding times have gone; They have to return home to the other side; (river why?); Standing by po river; In the coldest winter days; You wi...

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4. Forever Gone

All my dreams are forever gone; Memories fill my head again; Every moment I smiled; Night, breath of the sea; Far lost melodies; Will I see your eyes again; In mine? Far lost melodies; Can't you hear ...

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5. Girl By The Lake

Beautiful girl she was; Promised to marry; A noble rich man; She didn't love; Every day she went to; The shore by the lake just; To cry the injustice; Of a life without a way out; One day she hanged o...

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6. I Will Stay

Running away from my pain that evening; I saw thousand of burning lights; I met people singing together; Dancing and giving peacefull smiles; Love me love me say the lady; Darlin' darlin' say the lord...

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7. Minstrel Of Dolomites

Tonight I'll sing you the story of my life; I've loved music since I was a child; A spell turned my fingers into iron; All instruments broke into my hands; One day I met a beautiful wood nymph; She pl...

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8. Mirror Lies

Dreamin' with my voice; Tryin' to forget; That I am in front of me; Mirror just tells me lies; Deceiving my fragile mind; Fairies come; Fairies come; To take me away; To another land; I cannot find I ...

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9. Misleading Paradise

Welcome to the land of sins and lies; Warm rivers full of lustful mermaids; Sun shining in perpetual april; In the golden palace on the mountain; Lives armida in her misleading paradise; Come to me in...

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10. The Prayer

Goodbye my dearest lake; I will be forever yours; Mirror of my misfortunes; Father of my painful days; All the tears i gave to you; Will be drops of memories; Goodbye my lake; I leave to reach him

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11. Wise King

She came here; Just to relish; The wonders they said about him; Sheba left; With gold and gifts; Spices and wood; She crossed the seas; To prove majesty; About brilliant mind; Of the wise king; You've...

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