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1. Blood Over The Red Desert

Everything they wanted was a perfect world, Without humanity without disorder. Controlled with subliminal, controlled with machines; At 2095 on mars it began! Order was their banner! Order was their g...

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2. Destiny Falling 2003

Destiny Falling 2003; Do you remember; As you once wlked insane; There right out of the door? You cried and screamed; For what you've lost; 'Cause of your vanity; You thought you; Find your own way; B...

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3. Drei Tage Finsternis

Drei Tage Finsternis; Komm träum mit mir ein letztes Mal; wie es einmal früher war. In dieser Nacht voll Angst und Qual; bleibt uns keine andere Wahl; als zuzusehen wie alles stirbt und; Dunkelheit un...

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4. Europe In Dust

Europe In Dust; lines across the midnight sky; the fire starts again; sirens scream to wake you up; You're shocked up in your bed; You run out for a shelter; but there's no place left to hide; you cra...

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5. Infowar

Infowar; Reload your programm; INFORMATION WARFARE! Command, control; Command, control; Information war; Dream your nightmares; Cybernetic nightmares; Live my nightmares; Electronic kisses from silico...

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6. The Gate Of Tears

The Gate Of Tears; As we walked together; Through the Gate of tears; You try to turn away; Hoping that you find; Some place to hind; Or getting back again; But I told you not to look behind; Because y...

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