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1. A Velvet Creation

I am in love with my paintings; Artworks from the streams of my thoughts; For a moment I was paralyzed; by the colours so deep and living; The dimensions of truth was so far away; because this was not...

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2. Bloodred Stars

Led by the lust ot create art; I erase the sun and the sky; with inspiration from deep within; I paint my own red. ; Asd I am watching my hands art performance; I calmly leave my body be...

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3. Demons

In a cradle of thousand fires, I burn. While words of poetry painfully penetrates my mind. No star will ever shine for you. You will never; see the light of the day again, for the darkness; will be yo...

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4. Dissolwing

The wind of the end from the abyss so desolate through; my body once fled and closed my eyes... to never be opened; for the life...of me... it blew away; Into the blackened night of my world within, s...

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5. Fallen

My scarlet visions, like refelections of my subconscious. Beyond the starlit heaven the horizon burns; with flames, so red. As my eyes bear witness to this euphoria, this apocalypse, I hear the gates ...

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6. Floating

October sun [Lead Thomas]; Falling calmly down the horizon; Everything looks cold; And the natural beauty surrounds this solemn province; But in my eyes; this blasphemous grace is falling apart; So th...

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7. Greeting Immortality

Beneath the ground; Where I sleep among immortals; Patiently I rest; Waiting for another day to rise; I gather strenght; To complete my desires; And search in darkness for purity; For a saviour to rel...

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8. Into The Cosmic Sphere

Night is crawling near; And darkness approaches on the horizon; The tops of the trees reflect; As shadows on this garden; The sight is getting misty; Cadavers rise from wide open tombs; Cold shapes in...

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9. March Of Insurrection

A diciple of ancient rites; A time when reality; was my only shelter; from the weak and wicked; But now; As time has changed; I sit here on my exalted throne; and king I have now become; Foremost in o...

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10. Mirrorworld

Our minds are no longer present. They have given place to a new self. Awake now, from all the blindness; that clouds our sight beyond. ; My thoughts became so solemn, beneath a sky of burning stars. L...

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11. My Bleeding Tears

The dissolving of me; The burning fires are within; Looking for no tomorrow; Living only in thoughts of yesterday; Terrifying darkness will meet you; if you try to intrude; The depths of my mind; trav...

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12. Once My Eye Moved Mountains

Once my eyed moved mountains; My sword could pierce like lightning; and on the back of my horse I travelled; Through eternal voids; withing the timeless sphere; Wolves were running by my side; and the...

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13. The Predictable End

Low the music falls, tell me how sad are the tunes of death; You sang to me, with a leper tounge you kissed me with your darkness; I thirsted for your water; I hungered for your love; So bravely, fly ...

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14. The Religion Of The Blood-red Velvet

A blackened night; stared like dying eyes through the window; I was still awake; as a body rose before me; A boy in small age; embraced the velvet; in which he had created; His eyes enriched the beaut...

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15. With The Sun

World in flames, set ablaze by my own hands. With the sun, our burdens begone. Body and; soul divorce, as fire and mind unite. With my tears your grief will drown, in; thoughts of beauty bathed. In na...

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16. Wounded And Alone

September burns in the grass; The autumn removes a dusty blanket covering my face; And I see that the sunset is coming my way; It is coming to crush me with its dark autumn gloom; Upon the fields of m...

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