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1. Archmystic

Grant me wings to fly beyond the seven moons... On bizarre explorations from the deepest within to the endless beyond; I recover foul artifacts from another existence; and they're all the same; With e...

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2. Benightmared

The whisperer in darkness silently condems; the peaceful nights of many men to a horrifying hell; Benightmared; The dark side of Morpheus revealed in arcane visions; He rocks the cradle of his father,...

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3. Broken

I exist in darkness, at work in a cold and gloomy mine; Yet I secretly wonder what beyond this purgatory lies; Do I have a choice? Can I break the sacred law and walk away? What secrets lie beyond the...

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4. Conqueror Of The Zodiac

Firmament of prophecies; I'm bound to thee no longer; A martyr of deceit no more; The sword above my head from now on only makes me stronger; ... Spawn my fears and faith; The Cancer within; Is forced...

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5. Iconoclast (the Burning Statues Of Morality)

I stand, emboweled with deceptive morality; A black looking glass, my genetic inheritance; I tatter the bonds you have left me; I splinter the idol of your long-dead god; My curse aimed directly at yo...

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6. Phantom Angel

She has so many faces; Yet I wonder if I've seen one at all; I'm forever seeking through a world of mazes, but she leaves me empty in the cold winds of Fall; I dream of her under a tainted moon:; In a...

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7. Punish My Heaven

We are the outstretched fingers that seize and hold the wind... ; The strangeness of awakening; in an oh so silent world; Breathlessly waiting; for the first proud beams of light; As the hours grow lo...

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8. Self Script V.1.19

Who we are and what we've been is written in an intricate code; The chemistry of personality forms the ancient law to which we're forced to bow; Dopamine, rule me and make me live; Serotonin, hold me ...

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9. Shades Of Grey

Colours fade away; They're blown away by wind; They're washed away by rain; Now all that's left are shades of grey; I look into the mirror and stare into my pale grey eyes; I start to wonder who lost ...

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10. Virus!

Raging viral fire came as lightning upon me; Now buried inside the piercing violet eyes; lies the burning slave of silence that is standing before me; This time the fire must keep burning; Let the hor...

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11. Visions Of A Blind Eye

Clad in the winds of solitude, I am brought to the shores of despair; Welcome, radiant nymphet; Are you my longings laid bare? Our eyes remain blind till we jump into maelstroms, dark and unkown; An e...

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