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1. Death Of Hades

Master - victory is yours; All power and strength; Who is he; That may behold your face and live? The gates of Sheol are smashed; The fall of Dagon; By the ark; The false are crushed by your hand; Non...

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2. Earthshaker

o majesty; of the sovereign rule; your open palm; you have set over all; power is yours; to crush what you've made; in your fist the molten core; to shift the earth's plates; and should you choose; to...

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3. Estrannged From The Womb

released into a world of corruption; your journey begins on a road to destruction; many men straggling; with nothing in their lives; passing by salvation; slipping to the fire; astray from birth; they...

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4. Giver Of Life

rise up; my soul; take flight; accelerate; by grace brought home; i will abide with you; at your throne; i will commune with you; lord now show your face; i give praise to you; the feast it waits; i w...

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5. Hecatombs

deification rotting minds; denying the christ; infested with lies; from demons born; you gladly feast; on a banquet of falsehood; and fire roared from heaven; the carcass was consumed; seize the proph...

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6. Quiet Surround

for he'd forsaken all he had to give you; greater than words can say; for he has given more than you needed; a death on the cross to pay; decay alone with self pity; and you . . . not to blame; though...

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7. Refuge

my life i lay it down; and bow before your throne; my life i give to you; by sacred blood i am your son; you're the fire that heats my veins; the power in my soul; by christ the serpent's bane; you ar...

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8. Restoration

the traveller lies fallen battered and bleeding; in pain upon his path; despair his companion; no strength to go forth on his way; death's hand is knocking; my thirsting throat desires his wine; black...

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9. Sudden Death

Behold; The End; Is upon us; Now a living nightmare; Beastly dominion; Newborns must endure; Mass persecution; This to those who may; Live in this terror; Kneel only to God; Or see him never; Cling to...

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10. Through The Waters

to dwell in the light; of the ancient of days; in bliss to see the glory; of his awesome face; drink the benediction; divine endless grace; emmanuel enthroned; by his side take your place; glide the m...

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11. Tombthroat

There is none - who understands; Not one who seeks after God; They've gone out of the way; And together they profit not; Their throat- is an open tomb; With their tongues they have practice; The venom...

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12. Warcry

as needles of ice; are the ill winds' talons; the coldest of shadows; they seep unto the bone; with hackles raised on my neck i feel; the rancid breath of the betrayer; i heed you not and i give no gr...

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