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1. Ashes To Ashes

All this shadow; All that evil; Their secrets were broken; Unutil is fighting you about; Left this life after pra; This pain will not stop; Entreguesse the reality; Before falling on the illusion; The...

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2. For Nothing

Not your Not your God is not with you; This war you fight for nothing; You want to get back where it came from; The light you saw was the last; Disappear, sleep on the blood on the floor; You thought ...

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3. I Can See

In its place solitary; The words say nothing; I hope this wakes dream; When everything is finished; I can see their pain, their tears; And none of changes; More will one day; Where I could relieve thi...

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4. I Hope For You

I hope; This appeal; His hand extended to me; My hatred flows; The wounds of my heart; I hope my place; After all that lost; My sacrifice for you; Pretend your pain is not sure; Now it is too late; I ...

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5. The Reason To Not Die

Illusion deception destruction in my mind; For the lies the solution is the blood in their eyes; His memory; Falling; His memory; Falling; The reason to live so far; Running for not dying; It breaks y...

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