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1. Ammanda Thase

Soon after thee were born I saw in thy eyes something that shones like love. In thy eyes I saw something and destiny wanted to tell me how beautiful were thy eyes. Thy face and angelical gestures, lik...

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2. And The Waters Took My Soul

Ecstasy in nocturnal solitude, absence weakened the being. The night flowers opened, there were figures in the fog. An encounter with the past. Vengeance hurt the eyes. The moon goddess showed herself...

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3. Ashes

I've seen the power of lower world, I've seen flames melt wax. And I was crowned with nobility of desire's seduction. Freedom to my spirit for my shoulders carry no more what to me does not belong. 'L...

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4. Dunes

Past while present is life and now there are other winds. The dunes that where ahead are no longer in my dreams. When present becames past the desert spread far beyond my thoughts. There are many oase...

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5. Night Veils

The wolves howl for Moon's masterpiece. Seduction of the cruelty cutted lips. Hate and love in raw meat. Burning and bloody kisses. The candles´ flames illuminates your body, in hay bed, lying you. My...

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6. Shroud

Let the knife cut your tongue, the crows peck your eyes. Feel the blood slip on your skin, the taste of tears on your lips. The loss' pain ripping the chest, agony and torment of the past. Veins rippe...

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7. The Last Rain

The clouds are back in the sky. The mist hides her face. I cannot see her eyes. Screams lost in the night. With my arms wide open, I felt the powerful freezing winds. Her poison flooded the groves. Th...

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8. To Perpetuate My Distance

Bury my feelings and freeze the present. To leave this existence, to leave this world. To perpetuate my distance without the fear that rewards, the illusory lucidity. Keep the eyes closed and what was...

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9. Worry

Worry, in blind soul's ice. Cold, in the lonely eyes. Sick, mad, scare. Al the faith lost in the snow. All the hope left by the blow. All the pain in the tears of the crows. All the hate in the bleedi...

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