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1. Among The Shapeless Shadows

" Oh, Great Goddess, Thou who dwelleths within the shadowland of obscurity. Let Thy heart thaw and Thy lips speaketh to the ears of Thy slaves who rest; Their heads in dust by Thy feet. Speak, oh Grea...

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2. as You Sleep Our Fate

Let yourself go to the; Kingdom of Sleep, Where your mind is lost; In time before you wake. ; Through the portal of your dreams, Far within inside an unknown world. Swept into infinity. ; Far out of r...

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3. Between The Unseen

Wandering on frozen ground side by side your real self. Colour fades - Rainbow shades, pleasant flame - Not the same; Just as nothing, a long forgotten wasted fate of a lost life! " You're laying on f...

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4. Deirotic

" I shall create, destroy, deceive upon my seed - If they believe! Stay with me or you will bleed, I decide who dies! Keel before the crucifix, give praise to me - Believe! Raise your child with me in...

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5. Enslaved In Pain

A pulsating pain enthrones forth in madness, In it's enigmatic form. ; The last piece of sense is soon swept away; -invasion of psychic termination... ; Laughing with its mask, crawling into your mind...

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6. Equilibrium

Through spiked eyes I can see; Images from far beyond within;; - visions in a fairy reality. No pain in sight! A crying angel with broken wings; Unflown in deity deeds, In fear, lying to the laughing ...

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7. Forbidden Wisdom

How to kill a memory? Nothing - is everything and all in one! I am lost in unfathomable thoughts... "... you fall into the sear..."; I serve my time in chains. My crime, they fear will gain. Cold wall...

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8. From Beyond Time

Past, forgotten - future fade into black. The myth of El Shah Maddoc's fall. Crimson - shallow ground swallow blood. Above - Ebony Black Raven Sky. ; Follow the blind way of Khamastah! Guardian of Liv...

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9. In Philosophical Trance

Step outside your human mind, Get up high and You will see! Perspective - I see it coming, Prospective - I choose my faith. Sometime I'll lose my sanity, Into the deepest quest of life. ; Draw the par...

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10. Inner Eye

"The candle flickered; ...and then went out". ; Blazing in my mind; -sensation of how you feel about ending your life. I see you welcoming the darkness of oblivion... ... possessed by the fatal maze o...

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11. Invocation

Secret truth, appear before Me! Obey, in all things I say! In the mystery of this vestry; I invoke Thee; Let it be mighty my power, Let it endure forever. ; Demons of the depths, I call upon Thee. Ope...

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12. The Invisible Strikers

The Invisible Strikers; Broken Thrones - Fall of the monarchy, The Emperor mourns behind walls. Shadowknights of deceit and perfidy ride the night - The Invisible Strikers. ; " We feed on defeat! Trea...

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13. The Key Within

There is always night in a world without daylight, As there is always darkness in the mind of the ignorant one. ; And when the crimson red sunrise burns away the chains of morning-mist, The frozen sil...

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14. Wizards Of The Elements

The child must die! Hear the mother's cry as the old man kneels before the Gods; - he waits for them, to give praise to them. Wizards Of The Elements summoning the keys... Crossing lines, seeing signs...

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15. Zodiak 13

...Through ice-cold emptiness, Thundery silence and universal force... ; The Only Truth, old as Time itself. Whirling through the endless epoch of Dark Embrace. Mournful forces rejoice in Life's etern...

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