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1. Ancient Black Throne

March ... Knights of war and bravery hail the pennant; We will cure the ignorance for the world; With blood they will have to pay; We will impel the weak and coward ones; The greedy construction of ou...

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2. Ascension Of The Fire Reign

Cutting strong wind; Poison sea; Darkest sky; Earth in flames; Human race falls; Free spirits live; Fire Dominion; Reign of the Beast; When Fire Dominion rise from Hell; Destroying the lies of the fak...

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3. Ashes

A lot of things were not said; And others were left behind; The circle was closed too fast; A half cut line rests; Conflicts were not resolved; Delights were not divided; All that remains to me; Is yo...

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4. Burning Inside The Purity

Scream and tears; Calling for help; There’s no god to hear; Cradle of blood; Cradle of death; Innocence is dying here; Admiration for the child’s beauty; Holding the hands of innocence; Caress on the ...

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5. Exist

Vivid memories I behold; Weakening the will; The will to hold; Only remains the will to resist; Is there even a path to Exist? The nebula built; a fortress that rises; From my spirit comes; The spectr...

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6. Killing The Masks

Face him; The enemy of life; Bring it; The enchantment of night; Cross your way; Against all the laws; Fight your own war; Find your own road; Follow your way; From darkness you raise; To live your ow...

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7. Shadows Of A Past

War spirits; around me; Screaming in my head; My army is; Watching me; Waiting for my Death; In darkness; My nightmare; Please leave me alone; I’m not the guilty; But I am paying for; Screaming, Bleed...

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