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1. Anthem To The Seeds (Of Pure Demise)

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; Incarnation of infernal malice; Soaked with wincing life; Far beyond the boundaries; Of phantasmagoric rage; Deep into the reeling suction; Insane erup...

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2. Blind Idiot God

Nameless is this ancient city; Beyond the R'lyeh gate; Blasphemies from elder stars; That dream beneath the sea; The green spawn of the universe; Shall awake to claim his own; Regurgitated from his to...

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3. Evolved Mutations

Economy prevailing morality; The principle on which we are all lived; More inventions to accumulate prosperity; To feed the greed of industry; The crushing wheels of society; Greased with our bloody s...

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4. Exploring The Depths

Your expectations, whatever they are; Blind illusions, pour justice lies far; The deal is a fraud, the bargain's in vain; The intention's exploring the deepest domain; Solving the puzzle means using t...

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5. Feaster From The Stars

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; The potion faints my view; As my mental journey begins; To places I once knew; They deliver my astral remains; My long winging flight through the void;...

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6. In Praise Of Biocide

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; -Selektion-; Der reissende Sog der Evolution; Erzwingt sich das Ende; Unserer Zivilisation; Das Ende einer jeden Art; Die finale Bestimmung; Bleibt der...

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7. Like Roses In A Garden Of Weed

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; We are the joy and strength of this world; As we ride over night-skies; Through spheres once unknown; The breeze of the north wind doth lead us; home; ...

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8. My Sweet Satan

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; Burn within me, pleasures; Fees my empty mind; Strengthen my desire; My perfect queen of night; And I'm receiving more; Than I bargained for; Dedicatio...

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9. Out Of The Eons

Fear ate my mind; Corroded my substance; Leaving me happily blind; For that what ascended; Might perish again; And for that what lies sunk; Maybe rises once again; Alien encroachment from the outside;...

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10. Rending The Veils

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; Deny the day; Onthrough the night; The light shines bright; Force my way; To the end of day; Onthrough the night; Hunt for prey; In rust of might; The ...

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11. Sinusitis Maxillaris

Catching cold, infiltrating nasal cavities; Eroding, malfunctioning; Secrete production multiplied; Swollen flesh, respiration prohibited; The putrid caves deteriorate; Aural system in a deafened stat...

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12. The Crawling Chaos

Everyone listened -; And everyone was listening; As it lumbered slobbingly; Into sight and gropingly; Squeezed ist immensity; Through the black doorway; Into the tainted outside air; Of that poison-ci...

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13. The Decadence Within

See our cities, our civilization; Sick termite disorganisation; Ant colonies, divided in floors; Stocked up in sections; Like segments of worms; Domesticated primates strive; In ignorant mindless poli...

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14. The Thresholds Of Sensation

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; I am the gate, the key and the way; Deliver fulfilment through passionate pain; Such wonderous sights you will admire; Appreciate my desciplined desire...

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15. Unnamable

[Music: Eternal Dirge]; [Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]; I'm unknown to history; Unspoken's my name; A secret to anthropology; My existence is obscene; Where eternal darkness covers the light; Perpetually shi...

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16. We Are The Dead

As you gain for power; Pain has been hurled; Opression every hour; It's a dog-eat-dog world; Now as you can see; Dream turns into insanity; Only the Thought-police mattered; Your dreams of a free life...

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