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1. Bar Maniac

Time to hit the night; Thrashers gathering around; Don't give a shit for tomorrow; Witch means assholes, fuck off! No matter, the day, the hour, the place; There's no moderation over here; This world ...

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2. Beware The Doom

In the night; Through misery and pain; The prophecy is coming out; Heavens Fall; Burn in flames; Our end begins now; No excuse, no complain; Life is totally lost; Death; Comes ripping again; Time; Is ...

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3. Black Messiah

There is a strange man in front of you; Speaking of his promises; More falsenesses for this land without owner; Only promises; Black Messiah; The injustices are in its way. I will help you see them. T...

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4. Buried In Blasphemies

Altars of decadence; Spread the unholy lies; To lambs of hypocrisy; Adoring thy emptiness and vanity; Lay down on your knees and pray; Heal your ignorance with faith; Deny these commandments of suffer...

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5. Devastation

Your blood He will collect and feed his creatures. You can only surrender. Because the world you live in is made of rotteness; Made of creatures that only whant to see your destruction. ; Lies! I hear...

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6. Dry Law

DRY LAW; I wanna get drunk but I dont know how; This fuckin law I dont give a shit; Can’t even think about lots of beers; Don’t wanna vote why so much fear? Every fucking year; Always the same shit; w...

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7. Hunting Priest

Undead, from the shadows i return for a new massacre; Blood and pain infest this obscure place; My eyes see mass destruction; Holding to later condemn you; The true torture has began; Legions of souls...

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8. Into Christian's Mind

Chaos and insanity reigns; Over the Earth; By sacred hands of lunatics; Illusions from Above; They Provide us with terror and fear; Now it’s time to return; Under the signo f hate; They shall taste an...

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9. Kill The Nonalcoholic Cells

All these years with bithces and beers; I decided to see; How my blood is looking like; If it’s dead or alive; Medicines won’t help me anymore; The only solution I got, get drunk and fall; I decided t...

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10. M.a.d. (mutual Assured Destruction)

Desoleted future no life, no remains; Wreckage of a restless hell; Victms of warfare, atomic death; Mutual Assured Destruction; Annihilated human race; Scatterd world of disgrace; Endless suffering al...

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11. Sober's Sacrifice

Wasted Many Years; Without Beer In our fuckin' Blood; Living this way made us zombies; It's Time to Rebel; All here smells hypocrisy; Stay Sober it's a Sacrifice; This world has made us drunks; Masses...

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