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1. As One Dies

As One Dies; I fall inside; No one hears my cry; Look to the sky; Was it just a lie? Memories flash before me as I die; Regrets and torment I ask myself why; Painfull expressions appear on my face; Wh...

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2. Conception Of Machine

Conception Of Machine; Intelligence wired to silicon, Relieving the duties of man; A brave new face is the face of betrayal, By that of which we did create; Torn between real and reality, An absense o...

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3. Parasite Utopia

Parasite Utopia; Resource cunsumed, A dark black mark, A burning deep within; A core that rotts, The virus spreads, A murder without sin; An earth left bare singe and torched, The battleground of war;...

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4. Premonition War

Bred to be, Soldiers of war; Mercyless bigots, Of unbound injustice; Desensitized, We rott at the core; Purging the minds, Of all those among us; Gunea Pigs, Sent out to die; Blasphemy, A picture they...

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5. Within The Eclipse

Within The Eclipse; An Inner sense, Of insecurity; The pain within, But outward we must bleed; Determined will, A self destructive attribute; To kill oneself, Wielding nothing but a cause; Bleeding, S...

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