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1. A Little Lovin

Hwajangeul jeoldae an haneun naui moseup; Geurae nan yeojeonhi ppeonppeonhae yeah that's me; Eotteohge saenggakhanayo? Idaero naega areumdapdago; Saenggakhaejuneun namjaga deo joheungeol that1t a fact...

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2. I, I Love You

Humchil geotcheoreom nae maeume deureoon you; Buranhage heundeureobeorin geudae; Sweethan geu Immatchum kkeute; Daedap eomneun nal gamssajun; Yuilhage naege dagaon saram; Neomankeum nareul ihaehaejune...

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3. Love Comes (With Hwasa)

I can feel you and I; getting closer every moment; Love is coming; This is so unexpected; It took me by surprise; da da da da; I was waiting for the; perfect one; But you became the perfect; one for m...

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4. Some

There are some times I get tired of listening to you; Don't mean that I don't enjoy spending time with you; Maybe I'm the one who's being weird; I've been thinking about this for a while I have; I can...

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