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1. Another Grey Song

Another Grey Song; He died; But the hope was born again; in his heart; And the things will be different; Now his dreams will be by his side; He lied; But the truth made for him; whole new life; And wh...

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2. City View

CITY VIEW; Stay awake, it's not too late; if you believe there will be; always another chance to live; All over again; With all of your best friends; If there's a reason for them to leave; there's als...

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3. Farewell

Farewell; There are some places that I'll never forget; There are some faces that are marked on my head; A lot of friends that I can trust all time; This kind of things I'll remember for all my life; ...

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4. For Better Days

All i want is to understand; Why The world is full of envy; My hope just goes away as the days go by; And the world war three is coming around; So we need to make a protest; Bring your family to join ...

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5. Hidden Puzzle

Don't Turn the pages 'cause more doubts will appear; Who manipulates the facts ? Who chooses the date of the terrorists attacks ? A shady state with the world on your hands; promoting wars and hiding ...

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6. It Could Be Better

It Could Be Better; Turning on your TV; What do you like to see? funny humorists? What do you think; about the violent scenes? Is Money and fame the; best things in the world ? Are politics and crimes...

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7. Like My Food

Like My Food; Another summer vacation; it's time to go out with friends; But I gave my heart for a girl; and now I'm repentant; She always calls me at night; to tell me the stupid news; She says about...

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8. Lutaremos

Chegou a hora de enfrentar; de aceitar o que passou; Lutar por paz e pelos ideais; reconstruir o que sobrou; Vamos nos unir então; nosso esforço não será em vão; Vidas vazias pedindo perdão; Mentiras ...

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9. My Hero's Day

My Hero's Day; Today, I woke up at 7 a.m. Today I feel like a superman; I dressed my clothes and jumped in my car; I have some missions to decide; I can't lose my time (lose my time); I'm fighting aga...

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10. My Way Of Life

Some days it´s better don´t wake up; Because everything become so wrong; My life is a fuck, what should i do; if i was richer i shouldn't be like you; Money , Money is everything you think; Punk Rock ...

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11. Selling Souls

Walking around a precipice; with the wind trying to blow them down; and all the promises burning deep inside their head; Sold Souls that changed their votes; for a dreamed place called paradise; Repen...

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12. Sides

Sides; Looking for your face; All I can see is the misery; draining for your dimmed eyes; Depressed Feelings; you don't have the control; of your sick mind; But you always take time; to criticize me; ...

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13. This Isn't Right

This isn't right; My mind was elsewhere in that time; My feelings was breaking my head and; I couldn't raise to fight; But I can't be like that hundred guys; I wanna Stand up and say "This isn't right...

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